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Sealas Threat Model

Before we can properly develop our application, it helps to have a clearly formulated idea about what you want to do, and why. When it comes to an application whose goal is to provide a secure environment for its users, it is important to have a concrete threat model. This way we know what to protect against - and also why.

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Relaunching Sealas or: How I learned to stop worrying and kill our product

graceful failure

Sealas was our our first attempt to create a SaaS.

It started out as a simple idealistic idea: frustrated with the available options, we wanted to create an easy to use accounting application, that encrypts all user data before storing.

But we failed horribly.

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Why we develop Zero Knowledge Software

Every cloud service you may use implicitly requires you to trust them with all your data you work with.

This means that your service provider will always know everything you do when using their product, whether you agree to that or not.

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