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What's different with Sealas?

Zero Knowledge

It doesn't matter if you're a psychotherapist or a webdesigner, your business is worth protecting.
With us all your data is stored encrypted. That way nobody can access your data, unless you give them access.

Why Zero Knowledge?

Open Source

Sealas is Open Source. Open Source in all matters technical: the source code is available on Github, and everybody's welcome to support us with pull requests.

Blog Journey

... and Open Source in spirit: we write about the whole development of Sealas and the hows and whys behind our technical, design and business decisions

The newest articles

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Designing a user system for an encrypted application (Auth Part 0)

When writing a user system for a client-side encrypted application, you first have to start with the universe. Well, that might be too much, so let's start a bit further ahead.

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Translated E-Mails and Account Verification with Phoenix and Swoosh (Auth Part 4)

We're really starting to get to know each other, hm? Having gone through writing an auth token library in parts 1 and 2, and the first steps towards protecting our API with an auth process in part 3.

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Fortifying APIs: timing attacks

One of the most important features of an API, besides usability, is resilience. A big aspect of a more resilient API is a restricted amount of information communicated. This is important to keep in mind, since every bit of information you give away, aids in an attack against your API.

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