Our Core Values

Trust: You shouldn't have to blindly trust your vendors.

Trust is about relationships. We just provide a service, which shouldn't require implicit trust in everything you do.

People shouldn't be inhibited from doing their desired work with a service because of possible monitoring. Or the possibility of a leak, due to a hack or accident, which does happen occasionally.

Usability: Encryption must not sacrifice usability.

Security sacrificing usability creates unreliable and unsafe systems. The safest solution should only require minimal effort, while producing a maximum of security.

You may be doing shopping lists, you may be writing your will. You may be invoicing for construction work or your psychotherapy office. Your data is only yours to access until you choose to share, by creating either a shared account or creating some other kind of access for third parties.

Gaining access to your data without your consent, is the same as stealing your keys and breaking into your filing cabinet.

Control: Your data is yours, and should always be in your control.

It shouldn't make a difference whether your data is stored offline or with an online service, it is yours to control and do with as you wish.

Our Team

Daniel Khalil

Daniel Khalil


Daniel wants to make the life of a freelancer a bit easier, because he suffered through the same problems when he was one. Privacy and usability are his main concerns when developing software.

Igor Galic

Igor Gali─ç


Igor loves to make software infrastructure reliable and automated. This love also drives the infrastructure behind Sealas, and keeps your data safe.

Why did we develop Sealas?

We decided to develop Sealas a few years ago, when we were looking for an accounting solution for our company. One website we came across said

Our customers have already managed 24,590,160.54 EUR.

This was problematic for us for a few reasons:

  • We don't want to see our financial data used for marketing.
  • We don't want to share our financial data with anyone we don't know and trust.
  • Promises in TOS and privacy policies don't protect from data leaks and curious eyes.

Our first approach was a locally hosted accounting application. With time, our need for a user friendly solution grew. We wanted something we can access from anywhere.

Data privacy is important to us. Web applications usually encrypt the communication, but store all data unencrypted on their servers. We solve this problem by encrypting all data before it even gets sent to us.

We don't even need to promise to handle your data confidentially. We simply don't have any access.

Our goal is for Sealas to be as easy and comfortable to use as possible.